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Transform your home or business with a personalised artwork from Bobbie P Gallery

Commissioning an Artwork

If you’re looking for that finishing touch or statement piece to complete your surrounding, we can help you!

We often find that our clients have specific size, colour palette and/or subject requirements that they desire in an artwork that is outside of works currently available. In these instances we recommend the option for a commissioned piece where we work closely with the client from an initial conceptual idea through to a completed project that fits perfectly into its environment.

The creative process – What to expect

First of all, we would arrange to meet with you to view the space and discuss your ideas, colours and options for suitable artworks, or if due to distance you can simply email images to us of the space you have in mind. This helps us in providing a selection of ideas and/or concepts that may achieve the desired look you are after. Once an agreed concept is in place your artwork is thoughtfully created, while at the same time we will keep you up to date with the creative process via email.  You are also welcome to arrange a time for a studio visit to view the work in progress, however, we have found some clients prefer not to view the work until it is completed.

A commissioned work can take from 4-12 weeks for completion, depending on size and complexity.

“I often have clients looking for something very specific in size, colour and/or subject. I enjoy working together with them  from their initial idea through to a completed project that fits perfectly into their environment”

Robyn Pedley


“With the completion of our new Childcare Centre at Tuggerah, we wanted an original artwork to complement the environment and provide a focal point of interest to staff, parents and children who enter the centre. I was looking for an artist who could create a piece of art that spoke of the value we place on each child and Educator. Robyn is an artist who not only is very gifted but also is able to catch the heart of the environment in which the art will be displayed and express it through her art. 

We appreciated the professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity with which Robyn Pedley handled the project. The response we have had to ‘Joy’s Garden’ has been overwhelmingly positive and we are so glad to have chosen to work with Robyn.”

Susanna Bateman, Director and Owner – Little Miracles Early Learning Centre – Tuggerah

With this commission we included the children in the creative process, towards the end of the project they were invited in to add some finishing touches which was really special along with being a whole lot of fun too!


The clients while visiting Australia popped into the gallery and were moved by the artwork of Robyn Pedley.

A portrait was commissioned as a memento of the birth of her first child and to portray the love between mother and daughter.


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