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Robyn Pedley – Expressionistic Landscape Artist

The work of Robyn Pedley reveals her passion for light, tone and the colour possibilities available through paint. She envisages the subject as secondary to the essence and mood created through colour and form with the final image emerging as a result of her multi layered approach.  Accordingly, her process includes a combination of directly drawing from the landscape along with interpreting and abstracting to bring about a unique expression of the subject.

“I like to think of the creative process like story-telling, in a similar way that a writer will carry out research for a story. Using visual reference material gathered on location, photos, sketches, personal observation and interpretation I think of myself sculpting or carving out my ideas in beautiful and interesting lines, forms and colours. My intention is that the story expressed will speak to people’s hearts and lift their spirit.” – Robyn Pedley

Her role as co-director, workshop presenter and resident artist at Bobbie P Gallery brings the creative process directly to the viewing public which she finds stimulating and engaging. Her works are held in public and private collections both overseas and nationally.

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Darren Pedley – Photographer

Photographer - Darren Pedley, Bobbie P Gallery

Darren Pedley is Gallery & Creative Director of Bobbie P Gallery and has curated and promoted over 20 exhibitions through the Gallery, The Art House Wyong and Noonaweena Resort.

Photography was originally a means to produce fine art reproductions, capture images for web design, social media, advertising and to promote the artists represented in the gallery space. From those simple beginnings he has evolved and developed his skills to become an artist in his own right.

Over recent years his photographic work has lead him to explore the design and detail of flowers up close through the macro lens. Working from his studio in Terrigal, he uses light to create the drama of theatre from individual divas from domestic gardens, resulting in his recent solo exhibition ‘Bloom’.

“Raw and natural beauty is rarely flawless. Small imperfections are all part of the natural beauty” 

– Darren Pedley.

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