Beach Houses II – Robyn Pedley

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Title:            Beach Houses II

Artist:          Robyn Pedley

Size:            85cm x 95cm

Medium:     Acrylic on stretched canvas ready to hang

Framed:      Yes – White (See images)

Series:         Interplay

1 in stock


Beach Houses II – Robyn Pedley


This series is ‘just for fun’ and is an exploration of colour interactions through soft geometric abstraction and flat, vibrant colour. Abstraction is intriguing as it invites the viewer to search for connection and bring their own meaning to the work.


Abstract art communicates through colour, line, shapes and perhaps texture as the mode of expression leaving the interpretation open to the viewer. Robyn’s abstract works explore colour interaction through soft geometric concepts in her Interplay series and softly atmospheric abstraction is found in her Hearts Desire works.

About the Artist

Robyn’s works are inspired by her wonder of nature (both above and below the surface) and her inquisitive love of colour. Taking her view of a given landscape, re-interpreting and bringing a fresh perspective through her articulate use of colour, she allows the viewer to experience the beauty of creation around us.

Robyn Pedley is a full-time artist, co-director of Bobbie P Gallery and has completed a BFA majoring in painting and drawing at the University of Newcastle. She is an award winning artist, has held numerous solo and group exhibitions, and has works in both public and private collections both locally and internationally.

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