The story behind Bobbie P Gallery and artists Robyn & Darren Pedley

Our mission…

To create beautiful, captivating and compelling artworks that reflect the environment around us bringing transformation to the spaces in which we live and work – Robyn Pedley

About the Gallery

Bobbie P Gallery is our creative hub, working studio and exhibition space where we get to dream, create and share it with others.

Located in the renowned tourist destination Terrigal on the beautiful Central Coast, New South Wales, we are surrounded by pristine beaches, natural beauty, great cafes and lots of inspiring and friendly people. It’s a smorgasbord for both ideas and artistic content as well as offering a great lifestyle.

The gallery opened in 2013 and moved to Terrigal in 2017 and has held numerous solo and group exhibitions showcasing original artworks by local and national artists.


About Us

About us, artist Robyn Pedley at work in the studio

Here at Bobbie P, we love being creative, whether it’s art, photography, design or sharing ideas through workshops, we are just creatives deep down.

Our goal is to present our best, in whatever we do, with the intent to inspire and uplift the viewer, telling a story and highlighting the often over looked beauty of our surroundings, people and the everydayness of life we all get to experience.

We enjoy the processes involved – the dreaming, visualising, collecting information, learning new skills, developing fresh ideas and trying different ways of doing things. Whether putting a brush to canvas to bring a splash of colour and beauty to one’s home or office, putting pen to paper to tell a story or taking a photo to capture a moment in time, it’s just part of who we are, it’s what we do, it’s how we were designed.

Our approach is very unique, no matter what the project is, we are involved with every aspect of the creative process, our fingerprints are all over it!  We create the canvases that we paint on, the frames in which we place our artworks, the photographic images used on our website, social media, advertising and the videos we produce.

At the end of the day, we love what we do and our desire is to enhance the lives of others through our creativity and passion.

About the Artists

Landscape Artist Robyn Pedley

Resident Landscape artist Robyn Pedley at Bobbie P Gallery

Robyn Pedley

My work reveals a passion for light, tone and the colour possibilities available through paint. I envisage the subject as secondary to the essence and mood created through colour and form with the final image emerging as a result of her multi layered approach.  My process includes a combination of directly drawing from the landscape along with interpreting and abstracting to bring about a unique expression of the subject.

I like to think of the creative process like story-telling, in a similar way that a writer will carry out research for a story. Using visual reference material gathered on location, photos, sketches, personal observation and interpretation I think of myself sculpting or carving out my ideas in beautiful and interesting lines, forms and colours. My intention is that the story expressed will speak to peoples hearts and lift their spirit.

My role as co-director, workshop presenter and resident artist at Bobbie P Gallery helps me bring the creative process directly to the viewing public which Ifindvery stimulating and engaging. I hold a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree through the University of Newcastle and have worksheld in both public and private collections nationally and overseas.

Coastal Sanctuaries - Robyn Pedley - Gosford Regional Gallery 2020

Coastal Sanctuaries, Robyn Pedley – Gosford Regional Gallery

Photographer Darren Pedley

Photographer - Darren Pedley, Bobbie P Gallery

Darren Pedley

Photography was originally a means to produce fine art reproductions, capture images for web design, social media, advertising and to promote the artists represented in our gallery. From those simple beginnings he has evolved and developed his skills to become an artist in his own right.

His photographic work has led him to explore design and detail through the macro lens as well as a passion for portrait photography supplying images for commercial clients, social media, publications and artists.

About our Journey

Gallery Directors, Darren & Robyn Pedley, Bobbie P Gallery

Most of our lives we have been blessed to be surrounded and inspired by creative people. Darren’s background was in finance and music and I worked with professional designers, artists and a photographer whose passion was to communicate to others through their art. Their outlook on life, attention to detail and professionalism had a huge influence upon us both stirring our imaginations to see more, dream bigger and prepared us to take some risks.

Originally from Melbourne, we moved to the Central Coast, both working in a recording studio working with artists and supplying music for advertising, film and television. Over time, I became the mother of two wonderful boys and gained experience working for several well-known artists in their commercial galleries.  These environments continued to fuel my interest and passion in art which lead to me completeing a Fine Art Degree at the University of Newcastle.

While studying, I had been regularly exhibiting and selling artworks through local galleries and shows and in 2013 when by chance (or was it providence?) we came across a beautifully restored gallery space. This exquisite light filled, gallery with timber floors, provided a wonderful space to exhibit in and so we opened Bobbie P Gallery. We were very fresh and yes, naive enough to give it a go. It was a moment in time, totally left of field, but it felt right and by throwing ourselves into it, we learnt how to run an art gallery. They were exciting days, I was exhibiting my own original works and we were holding regular solo and group exhibitions for other artists. It was a steep learning curve.

In 2017 we made some changes and moved to Terrigal, providing us with a new gallery location, a greatly needed studio space and a haven of new inspiration and artistic content. Our new home has given us the freedom to become more focused on creativity, our art, and our clients.

Our business is very hands on which has caused us both to grow and develop in so many ways, more than we could ever of imagined. We needed canvases and framing, so we learnt the processes to make our own. Fine art reproductions, advertising and social media require good photographic images, so we learnt about photography and lighting. Darren’s attention to detail and creative eye with everything he’s taken on at the gallery is very impressive.Many of these skill sets have been learnt along the way and are now major parts of our business and helped makes us very boutique in what we do.

Seven years ago we established Bobbie P Gallery, it’s been a journey of innovation and creativity, exciting and ever changing. It continually challenges us both to grow and develope as artists and individuals, how we see the world and how we interpretate it. Whether bringing together a body or exhibitions of new works, providing professional photographic services, presenting creative workshops, or providing unique commissioned artworks for our clients, we love this creative journey and count it a privilege to share it with you!